Commit to your health goals: tips for new mums

Commit to your health goals: tips for new mums

Make some achievable goals in 2016 with these handy suggestions from Rhian Allen

All too often people make resolutions at the start of a new year along the lines of “I’ll get fit this year” or “I’ll start running”.

But while these are based in a positive space, they’re far too general to be achievable. For instance, how will you know when you’re fit enough? Or if you run once for 50m, does that count as the resolution being achieved? This is why it’s so important to make your goals specific and measurable.

Instead of “I’ll get fit”, a goal such as “I’ll go for a walk for 30 minutes, five times a week” is terrific.

It sets out exactly what you need to do to achieve it and it is 100 per cent measurable, as you can tally up and see if you’re hitting the mark.

You also need to ensure that your goal is achievable. Setting a resolution such as “I’ll go to the gym for 60 minutes every day” sounds great in theory, but if that’s not really possible for you due to costs, child-minding issues or time constraints, then you’re just setting yourself up to fail.

Here are some other ideas for some fitness-related goals. See if any of them resonate with you, and add them to your list of resolutions...

I’ll try to walk 10,000 steps a day

Walking is great for fitness as it’s gentle on the body, gets the heart rate up and also gives you a breath of fresh air, literally. To put this resolution into action, grab yourself a pedometer and measure your steps on a typical day.

Then make a point of walking a little bit more the next day and see if you can beat the number from the day before. Even just walking up and down the stairs at home or at the park is a great way to get your number of steps up.

And why not buddy up with your partner or a friend and enjoy a bit of friendly competition?

I won’t drive when I can walk

It’s all too easy to jump in the car when you have errands to run, but topping up your incidental-exercise tally is wonderful for improving your fitness level and may mean that you burn off more kilojoules than you consume, which is just what you need to help boost any weight loss.

It may take a little bit longer, but you’ll find that you might even start to enjoy the walking. Grab the kids, the dog and the pram and get outdoors!

I’ll aim for 30 minutes of exercise a day

This is a great goal as it means you can try lots of different types of exercise (so you won’t get bored). One day it could be a light jog, another a yoga class, or a walk to the shops and back, or a playground workout or a circuit in your lounge room. The possibilities are endless. And don’t think a bit of rain can get you off the hook! Pop in an exercise DVD and get the blood pumping.

I’ll do 30 squats every time I boil the kettle

Sneaking little bits of exercise into your day is a great way to improve your fitness.

You’ll hardly notice the time it takes, but you’ll find that your legs, thighs and bottom will become more toned within weeks. Make up your own little routines, or you could also try...

• Doing pelvic-floor exercises whenever you’re at a red light in the car.
• Doing the plank while your kids watch their favourite TV program.
• Doing lunges while you’re hanging out the washing.

Remember that all the little things you do will add up, so make sure you include doing more exercise into your 2014 resolutions and reap the benefits for a happy and healthy new year.

TOP TIP: Keep an exercise diary. You’ve heard of a food diary to keep track of your diet. Well why not note down your fitness activities to encourage and motivate you?


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